The list of services we provide cover a variety of options, and more, for the benefit of your business.

Back Office Support

The Back Office is where your business is actually “run”. To make your basic processes run efficiently, we provide you with a variety of back office support services, which include, but are not limited to:

Data Entry

Every company has some form of data; whether it is financial, client information, general research, project reports, case studies, or anything else, it is almost always transferred to the online database. We provide people who have excellent typing speed, so that they can professionally, but quickly transcribe your offline documents into your online database.


One of the most important aspects of the back office is documentation. Whether you are in the early stage of a project, dealing with the client, or finishing off the project, even after the project there are many things that need proper documentation. Documentation is a way to record important things, and in a project, no matter how small, everything that happens is important.

Claims/Documents Processing

When customers submit their problems or issues, documents are made up containing important details about the issue in question. These documents are then forwarded to the concerned department so that work could be done to satisfy the client. It is important that these processes be done efficiently and by skilled people. We are here for the purpose of providing you just such workforce who knows the exact importance of these documents, and do their work efficiently and with minimum error chances.

Content Review

Even though we have done a huge progress in technology, the most important thing for us remains communication. And for effective communication, we need effective content. We provide the services of content review so that you can make sure your content is efficient and flawless, and gives your users exactly what they want from it, in the simplest but impressive language possible.

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