Enhance professionalism and increase customer satisfaction with our flexible and affordable communication solutions catered to your large business.

Customer Care

We will take care of your customers like they were our customers. Your retained customers are the guarantee that we shall be able to retain you as our customers.

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Back Office

The Back Office is where your business is actually “run”. To make your basic processes run efficiently, we provide you with a variety of back office support services

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Marketing & Sales

We provide for you expert workers for the marketing and sales functions of your organization. Deciding if you want to outsource your marketing and sales services can be hard, …

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Human Resources

Human Resources are the asset to any company. We provide you a range of services related to the human resources department. The reason you should come to us for various of your human resources services is that we are unbiased and will give you consultation

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Business Consultation

Thinking of starting a new project, but don’t know if it’s worth your time and money? No fear, Y3A is here to answer all your related questions. Discuss with our experts and experienced professionals all your ideas and get advices.

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