About Y3A

The only registered contact/support center in Afghanistan, Y3A was formed in 2014 in Kabul with the goal of giving our customers top quality and complete range of contact and support center services under one roof.

An ideal business relationship between a client and a customer starts before a deal is implemented and continues after it has been executed. Hence we decided to form an organization that would provide you with the best before, during and after sales support services, with a wide range of services, as well as patient, friendly and professional employees, that will deal with your customers and provide them with a solution to their problem.

When a person contacts your office to inquire about your products and services, he is considering to do a business deal with you. It is essential to provide them with the best answer/advice so they can make a decision. The better an answer is, the more the chances of the person becoming a customer. Once he is ready to make a deal with you, their status becomes more important. After the deal, it is most important. Through all of these stages we would like you to provide your customers with the best possible support services so they never exit the business relationship with your organization. The better the quality of support you provide your customers, the more guarantee that they shall come back for further business.

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Our Values

We work to provide our customers with the best services that will help them boost their business and increase brand awareness.

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When you come to our company for a solution, we ask you for a category in which you need consultation. With the variety of services we provide and the range of industries we cover, there is hardly anything that you would find missing from our service portfolio. Our process is very simple

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Why Y3A?

Y3A is the only contact centre in Afghanistan, which is registered, with a huge range of all kinds of contact and support centre services that are bound to help your business.

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